A core belief of mine is that everyone has unique and powerful gifts within them. When you see someone who is channeling their talents to make a positive difference in their life (and often in the lives of others), it is nothing short of inspirational (the word “inspire” originating from “God-breathed”). 

Most of us strive to discover and develop our strengths. Utilizing these can help us accomplish anything our heart desires. While our talents serve us and can definitely serve others, one’s dominant strength comes packaged with both pros and cons in the scheme of life. 

It is essential to try to become more conscious of any “blind spots” that are caused by—not your weaknesses, but your strengths.

If you are strong in area of taking charge (and thankfully some people are!), you may be clueless about immediate and long-term affects you have on others. If you motor forward and don’t check the rearview mirror, you won’t see possible damage left in your wake. 

Another example is the oft-used movie script where one person is consistent, deliberate, and organized (to a fault!) and, through authentic connection with a very different type of person, the regimented person’s softened heart hijacks their pattern-dependent mind just long enough to eliminate some rigidity. She or he becomes more spontaneous and, together, the pair can be perfect partners because they have different strengths to combine in the most constructive ways. That’s the “happy ending” version where blind spots are resolved. 

Carpe Diem! readers are oriented to living a full life. Fortunately, we have learned to focus on our own strengths rather than dwelling on weak areas that make us feel discouraged, insecure, and incapable. Importantly, we have learned to actively look for hidden talents in others and we seek to empower those buds to blossom. Yet, the brilliant-red rose welcomes attention but isn’t aware of its own thorns. Ask yourself what effects your strengths have on others, what ripples are left in your wake, both negative and positive. 

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