Want to see an example of extraordinary courage and compassion? Meet Deb Lawless-Miller. When you read One. Little. Pill. you’ll feel like you know her, and that you have for years. Her story is that engaging and personal. As her editor, I know how much heart she put into her writing with the commitment that sharing her story would help others. At one point, we decided to rewrite the entire manuscript in first-person present-tense. That was the most powerful shift in storytelling I’ve ever seen. As her publisher, I’m proud to say this is not just an interesting new memoir…it’s an excellent book. Here’s the description:

Addiction has no boundaries. Anyone can find themselves struggling. Deb Lawless-Miller didn’t fit any picture she held of what a drug addict would look like, and found it all too easy to deny that she had a problem. She became trapped in a web of lies: to her parents, her husband and child, her boss, and to herself.

This deeply moving memoir takes us through three phases of her adult life: the chase, the crash, and the choice. She brings the reader alongside her into every scene, whether it’s forging prescriptions, going through withdrawals while in a courtroom, or entering rehab—but through it all, staying connected to her bottomless well of love for her young son.

One. Little. Pill. is a gripping story of the opioid crisis at a profoundly personal level. It is a true account of resilience, recovery, and the significance of a Higher Power.

One. Little. Pill. is not only an engaging chronicle of one woman’s journey through addiction and 12-Step recovery, it’s a beacon of hope for anyone who feels alone with substance use challenges or wants to help a loved one in that situation. Deb Lawless-Miller takes readers through every difficult step so candidly that her eventual spiritual awakening and transformation is completely relatable. The victory of lightness, healing, and purpose becomes a real possibility for anyone who can muster a little courage to make a change, one day at a time.

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