“Yes!” I answered with confidence and encouragement. He was not the first person to wonder if the idea they had for writing a book was a good one, since “there are already so many books out there” on their topic. What does that tell us? That it’s a very popular topic.

With books, competition is a good thing. Ever notice on Amazon how suggestions for similar books pop up when you are considering a book to buy?

Book purchases are more akin to consumables like coffee than to, say, my recent purchase of a garlic roaster. Coffee, I’ll be buying over and over. Books I’ll acquire at an alarming rate. I will almost certainly never buy a garlic roaster again.

“If someone has an interest in a topic or genre,” writes James Nettles in Business Essentials for Writers, “they will buy more than one book…if someone is trying to learn about sales mindset, they will usually read multiple books and authors.”  That’s why I knew that yes, a book about leadership could be successful; at least, it would not bomb for the reason that there are already scores of books on that topic.

Why should someone want to read your book on leadership, for example, when fantastic books are available by CEOs, Navy SEALS, and Super Bowl coaches? Well, there it is. THE question to work on as you plan your book. (Be assured–there are answers!)

Here’s one reason that your book will be unique: your own stories, experiences, and anecdotes. Make developing these (to illustrate your message and points) a priority. Invest the time in the beginning of your book writing journey to craft your original stories and examples. These are what readers find most engaging and memorable. These are what will have your book stand out and be the one readers recommend to others interested in your topic.

Research what is already there. If you, for instance, want to write a book in the area of “personal development,” you could easily find a stack of examples to check out, right? (Like the young woman in the photo.) You’ll learn what types of solutions readers are looking for and get ideas for developing your own unique message.

Have an idea for a nonfiction book? Check this out!


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