Suncoast Digital Press publishes Donna Porter, horticulturist and Founder of the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, the author of PLANT YOUR PASSION, a book that connects readers with 18 botanical gardens as well as with the important and unique role all botanical gardens play in communities worldwide.

Plant Your Passion is inspired by the author’s own deep-seated passion for nature and the environment. Her journey illustrates an extraordinary sense of determination and perseverance in manifesting dreams into reality.

“What began as my need to write my story, a quest that led me into a project full of unforeseen obstacles and poisonous plants, so to speak, became a deeply personal healing process,” Porter said. “It also revealed a universal message I am compelled to share about following your dreams, seeing everything as a learning opportunity, and never giving up.”

The memoir’s release drew the attention of book clubs that focus on inspirational women’s memoirs, as well as that of others in the botanical garden world. Susan Lacerte, past Executive Director of Queens Botanical Garden in New York said, “Bravo to Donna Porter for initiating the creation of a public garden with an eye to a more sustainable future, for all of us. Plant Your Passion will inspire you to dream big and have courage to pursue what is meaningful to you.”

Over the last 20 years, Donna has resided in Costa Rica for the majority of time, replanting herself twice in the U.S. for a handful of those years, allowing life to evolve and reveal new paths.

Donna Porter has a B.S. degree in horticulture and a passion for botanical gardens. She was the Founder and first Executive Director of the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Plant Your Passion: Memoir of a Determined Woman’s Path into Horticulture, Botanical Gardens and Making a Difference.

(ISBN: 978-1-939237-98-9) is available in paperback and Kindle and on Amazon and other all major booksellers.

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