My answer could be different at different times, depending on what life lesson I’m being “hit up side the head with” at the moment. 

But, most any time, I would have to say that I’d relish the opportunity to gift this understanding to any young person, my past younger self included—the wisdom is this: 

First, you make your choices. Then, your choices make you. 

Now, just hearing those words would not have necessarily impacted me as a college student considering my course of study. But if only somehow, someone could have gotten that message through to me…

And, how ridiculously useful would it be to understand that nugget of truth when dating, exploring relationships, and considering a person as a potential friend, lover, or spouse?  

First, you make your choices. Then, your choices make you.

Reminds me of something I heard Dr. Laura say on her radio show one time: “Be careful who you date; it’s easy to fall in love.”

When are other crucial times in life when this could have profound influence? Health is certainly one. If I choose to smoke, drink, and otherwise abuse my body, those choices WILL define ME. Different choices would result in a different me. Literally.

I like this nugget of wisdom because it does not take away any personal responsibility or control from a person. You can communicate it to someone to make them stop and think (for themselves), and you stand a better chance of making a difference than if you told them what to do, what choice they SHOULD make. 

It’s easy, in one way, to see that if you choose to practice the piano every day, one day part of your identity will be “pianist.” And, if you choose to abide by the commandments of God and the laws of man, you’ll be KNOWN as a person of integrity, an upright citizen, a trustworthy person. 

The choice comes first, always. 

Is there anything you would like to be which is still unfulfilled? What choices would you need to make, starting today, such that in the future, that’s who you are?

First, you make your choices. Then, your choices make you. 

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