THIRD ACT ENCORE: Inspirational Stories to Unleash Your Sage at Any Stage

A superb collection of 21 personal stories that, above all, remind us that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Each contributor shares from their “Third Act of Life” perspective. Some inspire us as they stand in a place of gratitude after overcoming life’s toughest challenges, such as enduring the wait day after day with your name on a list of people in dire need of a bone marrow donor. Others distill their experiences and hard-won life lessons into bite-sized nuggets of wisdom that can benefit readers of any age. There are stories of migration, not only across a country or an ocean but spanning cultures, like Alma’s story of leaving her home in the Philippines to carve out a life for herself in Hawaii (where she later became an accomplished hula performer).  A few of the stories reveal remarkable surprises that turned out to delight the author and now us, as well.

It’s difficult to convey how unique this book is because it’s not simply a collection of well-written, true and interesting essays. While the contributors are all beginning or well into their golden years, each is so different from the next: Geographically, we hear from Judy “J” in Florida, Sabrina in London, Margaret in Bermuda, Bob in NY, and from others in places across the globe. The visual appeal of this book is stunning. Each story is accompanied by several full-color photos, with the professional artwork of Debbie and Mitchell stealing the show. It’s already recieved several 5 * reviews where I see it referred to as a “coffee table” book that will be read through again and again.

Pat Labez, the curator and source of this project, held a book launch upon its release that blew me away. I flew to NYC and made sure I was in Times Square at 3 PM to witness the announcement flash up on the enormous marquee. That night I attended Pat’s theatre event which was one first-class entertainment act after another, all with the theme of Mental Healh (May is Mental Health Awareness Month). Many of the book’s authors also came (from near and far, including Ireland and Canada) and the audience bought books and got them signed. It was the most exciting book signing I’ve ever been a part of, that’s for sure! If you want a copy of the book, it’s on Amazon. Proceeds from book sales go to a nonprofit that Pat co-founded which supports mental health awareness and resources.

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