Spotlight: Len Ferraguzzi

Anyone feeling patriotic AND like a good WWII novel? Ford dealer in South Florida asked my client, Len Ferraguzzi, to sign books at their Memorial Day sale. The book is called “Valiant the Few.” Excellent historical fiction. In 1941, the ominous rumblings...
Spotlight: Lee Volpe and her pet pig

Spotlight: Lee Volpe and her pet pig

One of my clients is a real pig.  A famous one, at that!  SRQ, a premiere Sarasota, Florida magazine recently featured Lee Volpe and her pet pig. They are well-known in the community, not only for frequent visits to Starbucks for a banana, but also for educating and...

Spotlight: Saving American Democracy

A practical, non-partisan handbook for concerned citizens and policy makers who want to take back the helm and learn how to make American government more democratic, Saving American Democracy has the ideas and answers you’ve been searching for—essential reading...
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