A practical, non-partisan handbook for concerned citizens and policy makers who want to take back the helm and learn how to make American government more democratic, Saving American Democracy has the ideas and answers you’ve been searching for—essential reading for all who believe in democracy.

Written by a political scientist with real-life experience in the trenches of American politics, it offers not just a clear civics lesson but a roadmap for achieving real representation of the people.

A powerful book that helps the reader understand the real threat to democracy in America. The book is historical, factual, and interprets political and societal forces that have evolved but, in the past, has remained carefully balanced to keep alive the 200-year-old experiment of democracy in America.  He suggests real solutions that can help overcome negative actions and react positively to major changes in population, economy, technology and the level of education of our citizens.”     -Dr. James A. Davis, former President, Shenandoah University, former Delegate, The General Assembly of Virginia and civic leader in Virginia and Florida for 50 years

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