Anyone feeling patriotic AND like a good WWII novel? Ford dealer in South Florida asked my client, Len Ferraguzzi, to sign books at their Memorial Day sale. The book is called “Valiant the Few.” Excellent historical fiction. In 1941, the ominous rumblings of a global war propel the United States military to adopt a game-changing weapon, the M 1 rifle–known by all who would experience it as the Garand King of the battlefield. It would dominate the enemy from Guadalcanal to Sicily, from the vast cauldron of the Philippines to Normandy, Okinawa, and every contested kill zone and patch of soil in between.

Disciples of the Garand, brothers Tony and Woody Luzak and their companions, traverse the historic stepping stones which crisscross the mighty oceans. Their tenacious dedication compels them to repeatedly volunteer where harm’s path is most treacherous.

In weaving his tale, Len deftly injects his heroic characters into the most trying of times. An authoritative historian and lively storyteller, the author spins a chronicle of soldiers and marines, of wives and families, of guerrilla patriots swept up in the great conflict of World War II. Of buddies lost and comrades snatched from death, of ground lost and electrifying assaults onward to ultimate victory, it’s all captured in a breathtaking narrative.

Valiant the Few won a publisher’s award for “Cover of the Year” in the fiction category. Allie Daigle, Len’s granddaughter, is the professional illustrator who gets the credit. 

Renown storyteller, history buff, adman, entrepreneur, soldier, and runner, Len had his second novel published, Eyes of Glass, and it has become a popular read for Science Fiction and Fantasy fans. For those who cut their teeth on Clan of the Cave Bear and Dungeons & Dragons, Eyes of Glass is for you. It has some intriguing similarities with The Hunger Games, as well. 

Len was reared primarily in Yonkers, NY, with a lot of growing up in Connecticut. Following a stint in the US Army, he attended NYU, earning a Bachelor of Arts in History. Along with his wife, Olga, he settled in Redding, CT, where they raised their family. Len currently lives in Florida.

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