The most beautiful and unique book we’ve ever published, National Park Artist is the “coffee table” book so full of color and nature you will open it again and again. The sensation of turning the pages of this book is like strolling through your favorite art gallery, except you are treated to an up-close-and-personal view of both the artwork and the artist’s intimate stories of origin for each painting. 

This was painted at one of my favorite National Parks—Everglades in Florida: 

Here is an excerpt from Susan’s book Introduction:

“Artist residencies in the National Parks have brought contentment, a sense of purpose, and meaning to my direction as an American landscape painter. I embarked on the first residency with no idea that it would lead to the next, and the next—and so on. Painting for the National Parks is painting for history, recording a certain time for present and future generations.  Recognizing this fairly early on, I began to use the names of my grandsons in the titles of the works that were to be donated to the collections.  My hope was that they would be encouraged to visit the Park of “their” painting some future day, perhaps with their children in tow.”

This is what the book includes…many of America’s most extraordinary sights to behold. 

Limited availability. Contact Barbara Dee (publisher) or Susan Klien (author/artist) to order your own edition. Your book can be inscribed by the author for you at your request. 

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