Suncoast Digital Press, Inc. announces the publication of Beyond Keto: Cookbook with 60+ Quick & Easy, Plant Based Recipes to Improve Your Overall Health and Vibration,  a book to teach and inspire people to adopt and enjoy a healthy diet without sacrificing family favorite entrées, snacks, or desserts. 

It is based on the premise that while eating food has many psychological and emotional associations, it is actually possible to consume “food as fuel” while still enjoying delicious flavors, creating treats to share, and cooking dishes the whole family will like. Eating food as fuel means choosing clean, metabolism-boosting, energy-giving proteins, carbohydrates and fats, in particular proportions. 

Beyond Keto is not a diet, nor only recipes. Author Dr. Staci Holweger shares her own story of transformation—a heartwarming journey inspired by her young daughter who has special needs and is confined to a wheelchair, yet has clarity and wisdom that her mother has learned to listen to. 

Holweger became motivated to experiment with clean food cooking and her dishes became a hit at every gathering of family and friends. “Part of the reason I created my first book, Clean Keto, was because the demand for my recipes became overwhelming,” Holweger said. With over 15,000 followers on social media, it’s easy to see how this health practitioner and entrepreneur would want to share her best tips, recipes, and inspiring stories. Her new book focuses on plant based, clean eating.  

Staci is a busy Health and Wellness entrepreneur and mom of two teenagers, and, according to her husband, a genius at whipping up delicious healthy meals in a flash. 

Beyond Keto is both a cookbook and an inspiring motivational guide, complete with:

  • Full-color photo for each recipe (over 60!)
  • Tips on how to entice your family to love clean eating
  • Shopping lists done-for-you, and how to have a “Purpose-Driven Kitchen”
  • Staci’s personal journey of how she created a healthy life and how you can, too

“This book builds on what I learned in Staci’s original cookbook (and use for recipes all the time). It focuses on what delicious plant-based dishes I can easily make and enjoy, what I can have, not what I can’t. With Beyond Keto, my family and I are eating more consistently with the way I know is best for good health.”  —Sarah Zanoni 

“I’m so thankful for the guidance, recipes and encouragement I found in this book. I wish I’d had it a year ago when I decided to go vegan. What a life changer! My LDL went from 176 to 102 in just 3 months. I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. At 68, after only one year, tests show that my osteoporosis is reversed and my blood work is the best it has been in over ten years. Dr. Holweger’s advice and recipes help me every day to keep my commitment to clean eating.” —Teresa Bueno

“I had inflammation and with medical test after test, not finding answers, I was willing to give any option a chance. I started to change to plant-based items. Week by week I noticed that overall I felt less swollen. My skin cleared up and the number on the scale kept decreasing. I have fallen in love with the plant based lifestyle and recommend Beyond Keto for recipes and ways to broaden your choices.” —Sara Hackwelder     

 Beyond Keto: Cookbook with 60+ Quick & Easy, Plant Based Recipes to Improve Your Overall Health and Vibration  is available on, in kindle, paperback, and hardcover editions, and through major bookstores. To connect with Dr. Holweger, visit her website:

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