Congratulations to Josue Lopez, Cuban-born but truly an American success story.  His book was first published in English and has been well-received. As one reviewer said, “From humble roots, Josue Lopez learned something new every day. A determined young man, he continues to climb to the highest peak, and inspires you to do the same. Your Giant or Your Monster: Who is Winning the Wealth Game? Is a roadmap to help you find your “why” and achieve your goals. An excellent book!” (Ron Klein) 

One of Josue’s many ventures is speaking to groups.  Motivating and inspiring as a speaker, he started receiving more and more invitations to speak to Hispanic audiences. His message was so popular that people were buying his book even though they could not necessarily read it in English. Now, he has just released the Spanish edition. 

I found that once I had the translated manuscript from him, the path to publication was essentially the same as for his English version. Luckily, Amazon already has distribution channels in many, many countries, including several Spanish-speaking countries.  

Here’s something important to consider: the foreign language marketplace is way less crowded. His book, for example, appeals to entrepreneurs and there are boatloads more English-version books in that category for sale on Amazon than Spanish-version books. 

A few lessons I learned in the process of publishing my first foreign edition for an author: 

  • The book will need a new ISBN (paperback will, kindle edition doesn’t need one).
  • Even if you trust your translator, you still need a proofreader. 
  • Keep your cover identical to the English version except have the text translated.
  • In addition to your interior and cover, you’ll need a translated book description.
  • Amazon allows you to select the “language” setting, so be sure and change it from the default of English.
  • Line up people who will purchase the new edition and post a review in the language of the book.

I’m now thinking: why not have at least a Spanish version of your book? It is a way to serve more interested readers, double your offer, and generate a new revenue stream. In addition, there is no better way to build connection with an audience who you may want to attract as clients or for speaking engagements. Please contact me if you’d like to know more about how to easily create a foreign-language version of your book and open many opportunities for you. 

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Marketing Tips

Here are a few marketing tips for you to consider once you publish your book in another language.

  • Start a new e-mail list specific to that language.
  • Create a simple opt-in page for anyone interested in knowing when I release new books in that language.  I also added a link to that page in the front and back of my book.
  • Recruit reviewers
    • Look at other Spanish books similar to yours and contact their Amazon reviewers
    • Check with your translator and/or proofreader to see if they know of anyone who would be interested in reviewing your book.  They might be willing to ask their family and friends.


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