Congratulations Darlien Simos! 

The third book in her series is an engaging and fun coloring and activity book for children three and up. 

A perfect companion to the first two “Adventures of Scooter and Smack” books of adventure stories, the coloring book features the lovable story characters, Scooter the dog and Smack the squirrel. 

Any author can benefit from publishing a series rather than one book or several completely unrelated books. One type of series is one long story, divided into different books (ranging from two to fifty or more). The second type of book series (like Simos’) can be read out of order. The stories are self-contained, or independent of each other, although the main characters can (and should) appear in each book. Readers become familiar with the characters’ antics and personalities and, especially children, can feel a strong bond with them. They can’t get enough…so when “the next book” is released, it hits an eager audience. 

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