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Dave Kauffman is a motivational speaker and coach to small business owners nationwide. He has written and published four books. 

He has a lot to share with entrepreneurs and his articles appear in a national publication every month. For one of his books, he collected 31 of these articles, added a few entertaining illustrations, and voila! Another book to sell in the back of the room at speaking engagements, plus a way to more widely share his humorous and business-savvy stories with entrepreneurs everywhere.

On Amazon (along with 5* reviews), the book description reads: 

A parable, or short, simple story designed to communicate a truth, principle, or moral lesson helps the message be more memorable. In Seeds: Grow Your Business with 31 Entrepreneurial Lessons from the Farm, Kauffman uses each “lesson” to reveal proven success principles through stories, illustrations, and examples drawn from everyday experiences.

Kauffman grew up on a large Amish-Mennonite farm and his use of vivid imagery and real-life examples makes this book not only memorable but entertaining. His work as a consultant to entrepreneurs, along with his experience owning and operating various companies allows him to infuse each farm metaphor with practical advice for business owners. 

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Blogs plus more blogs >>> A Book! 

Lee has been performing and writing humor for years. Her blog and YouTube channel are growing in popularity every week…especially when her pet pig “Officer” is featured. (You have to see him to believe it!) Check out “The World According to Lee” on YouTube.

Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other booksellers carry both her humorous story collection as well as her children’s book, This is Me (which she “co-authored” with her pig). 

Her blogs-made-into-a-book description is:  

Lee Volpe’s writing and take on life is “Erma Bombeck meets Sex in the City.” Black Sheep Tries Bleach is a comical collection of honest, LOL (Laugh Out Loud) humor dealing with daily life and relatable situations. Saying what most are thinking, this selection of witty short stories will amuse and entertain all who have struggled with life’s growing pains…and lived to laugh about it.

For Barbara Dee’s online course on writing your own nonfiction book, click here

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