Have you noticed there is not one single book that has THE way to successfully build a strong and sustainable personal brand? Nope, there are hundreds of these books, most of them written by people who found their own, original way to build a brand. They imply that if you copy them, it’s as easy as following their 7-step formula. Not true. Their journey was a process unique to them, and yours will be unique to you. 

Coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in private practice all embark on a voyage into the unknown. These intrepid voyagers know they will face high seas, sudden storms, and all kinds of dream-stealing pirates. There are absolutely no guarantees that any of their efforts will work, that any of their intended outcomes will be accomplished, that the treasures they seek on the horizon will reached.

We experience life one day at a time, one moment at a time…and often the attained goal we spent so much time and energy to reach is also only experienced as an accomplishment for a moment.  A brief flicker of satisfaction, then back to the steely-grey grind of work.  The opposite is to become intentional about honoring, appreciating, and, yes—enjoying the journey itself. 

The most important thing you can do is to capture that creative idea, open that door of opportunity when you hear even a faint knock, and remain flexible. In other words, Seize the Day! “Carpe Diem” has inspired me in a profound way for over 20 years, which is when I first started writing and publishing my Carpe Diem! e-letter. (Back then people were clamoring to sign up, super eager to enjoy this new part of life…email. “You’ve got mail!” would cause a heart to race.) 

Find the courage to explore your own truth about seizing the day, or admit when that’s just not happening. Notice when you avoid the very things that would fill your sails.  

To honor means to “regard with respect.” You don’t have to like it, love it, or hate it. Just respect that your experiences add up to your own unique process of living. As you build your life, including your brand, every single experience is worthy of respect. 

Everything gives you either an outcome you wanted or a lesson you needed. 

Honoring the process gives rise to appreciation and gratitude, a very empowering and pleasant place to live. 

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