“The American roadtrip is truly classic: a signature adventure with friends, family, or alone, it was once deemed impossible until only the last century. With the vast benefits that a roadtrip offers, along with advancements in technology and improvements in roads and attractions, we are living in the perfect age to take advantage of this luxury.”  (From Chapter 1, How to Roadtrip America: A Modern Guide for Your Epic American Adventure, by Jon Simos).

Jon Simos grew up roadtripping with his parents and brother, then made his own unforgettable memories with friends as a teen.  Now he is striving to combine roadtrip adventure, career, passion, and contributing to others, and he is succeeding in a big way.

Now that he has his first book (How to Roadtrip America) published and selling on Amazon, he will build on his book by giving talks and workshops on planning a roadtrip. His mission is “to empower you to create life-changing roadtrips through simplifying the planning process and offering crucial insight.”

Whether you seek inspiration or information, Jon provides it all in his book, which also includes many gorgeous full-color photos from his own epic roadtrips.

Here is story of a couple who wanted to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary by taking an epic roadtrip. Their reasons for deciding on this type of travel adventure include:

  • No high-pressure schedules (no air flights to catch, miss, or destroyed plans due to an airline cancellation).
  • The price of gas is so low these days.
  • We want plenty of alone time as a couple.
  • Photography is so fun when there is time for it and magnificent scenery.
  • We wanted to make unforgettable memories together, and visit places neither of us had been before.
  • There is literally no cheaper way to enjoy so much travel and adventure (with our borrowed RV, we save on hotels and meals).

consulting Jon’s “Modern Guide” gave Mike and Ave plenty of ideas for planning, useful apps to check out, and tips for how to get the most out of every moment of their adventure.

The Colorado Rocky Mountains met and exceeded their dreams of an epic roadtrip.

Contact Jon Simos if you’d like him to speak to your group.  www.jonsimos.com

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