Sitting down to write your article, speech, or book can evoke a myriad of feelings, from excitement to terror. Beginning that task is often daunting for any number of reasons.  

One smart habit to adopt is to give yourself a short warm-up writing exercise before tackling the writing project at hand.  By engaging your mind and hand together, the writing process starts to flow and anything you then try to write will come more easily.  

The warm-up time should be 4-8 minutes, tops, and not be on the topic of your writing work—it’s for play. Use one prompt topic, a different one each session. You can find lists of prompts simply by searching online. Here is one I created that people have found helpful to get locked-up gears unstuck.

*What are all of your associations with “rain?” Does a scene come to mind? Have you ever been in love with the rain, or hated it for making you cold or ruining your plans? How would you describe the sound of rain to someone who was deaf? How would you persuade a friend to walk in the rain with you? 

Barbara Dee coaches writing and book development in her classes. Click here for details.

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