I am a recovering ellipsis addict. For a time, I abused this punctuation because, well, it was an easy escape. Overdosing was a way out of having to commit to a period, or having to decide on the best way to write and punctuate my message. For a time, I abstained, but now I use it in moderation and the way it was intended. Here is the correct way to use and not abuse: An ellipsis is a set of three periods. Not four, not five…three. Don’t put a space before or after. Use an ellipsis when words or sentences have been removed from a quotation, in order to show that you have omitted the full text. Also, an ellipsis may be used to show a trailing-off thought. Do not use ellipses when en or em dashes would be more appropriate. Ask me about dashes—I’m working to get those under control, also.

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