There are many benefits of being part of a writing community. One important reward is the sense of belonging. You find yourself among others who care about the same things you care about, speak your language, and understand your victories and defeats. Birds of a feather naturally enjoy one another’s company. 

It’s easy to search online for groups in your area. Another place to check is your local library, book stores, or “meet-up” groups.  Of course, there now are virtual writing groups which can work well if you don’t have local ones. 

If you’re in a local group, you’ll hear about book signings, readings, or book store events that you can attend with members of your flock. It’s more fun to go with other writing enthusiasts!

Every group is run a little differently, but the members are there to support one another. You’ll be able to ask for advice and get feedback on your writing when you want it. When you receive constructive feedback from other writers, you’ll become a better writer. Offering your own critiques and support can be very meaningful as well as enlightening for you—it’s a wonderful way to learn about different styles and gain insight into your own writer’s voice. 

One of the greatest benefits of being in a writer’s group is that there is a meeting schedule. It’s so easy to let too much time go by with life’s time consumers just gobbling up the days. The group offers a structure of support and accountability. As an active member, others will expect you to bring writing to share from time to time. It can be really motivating to have a deadline of the next meeting for writing something you are eager to share for the helpful feedback your group is just as eager to provide. 

In addition to the fellowship, you’ll learn of opportunities, connections, resources, web sites, writing contests, retreats, helpful apps, best book examples and more from your fellow members with hawk eyes looking out for everything to support more and better writing. 

Writing is a very personal and individual endeavor, but connecting with other writers will provide the support and camaraderie that can enrich your life while refining your writing skills.

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