From Neil Goeppinger

“Hello, Barbara, I was interviewed by CBS News December 7th as part of a CBS news story, and I supplied them with lots of pictures and some videos of my bell collection.  They found me through my book.  Yesterday, they emailed me, asking for a release for the use of the pictures and videos which I gave to them and I asked in my reply when the program would air.  They replied ‘tomorrow morning.’  That was pretty short notice, but I did alert several other bell collectors and family members and the program ran this morning on CBS THIS MORNING SATURDAY between 7 and 9 am.  The bell segment was at approximately 8:20. There were other people interviewed for the piece as well.  

When they ran it, they made a mistake and showed a picture of my book and said I had self-published it.  Of course, that is not true. Suncoast Digital Press, Inc. published it.  They had a copy of the book, but must not have looked at the page at the front which names Suncoast Digital Press.   If you want to see the segment, they have posted it on YouTube.  Go to YouTube and enter CBS THIS MORNING SATURDAY, then look for CAN YOU HEAR THE BELLS.”   


Congratulations, Neil! I always say that the media will seek out “the one who wrote the book” on a topic they are covering, and Neil’s is a perfect example! 

There is no other book like this. 

Thanks to Neil’s devotion to collecting large bells and his tremendous effort to record decades of research and knowledge, readers gain a new appreciation for bell making, one of America’s earliest enterprises.  

Kathleen Collins, Historian, American Bell Association, said, “Bells have figured in the culture and lives of Americans since the earliest days of our country. As Historian of the American Bell Association, I appreciate that Neil Goeppinger has shared his lifetime of research so that current and future generations will have all the essential facts about large bells and foundries of America at their fingertips. If your interest is also in Americana and the sights and sounds of days gone by, you will find much of interest in Large Bells of America: History of Church Bells, Fire Bells, School Bells, Dinner Bells and Their Foundries.”

Large Bells of America  includes over 200 photos, and chapters on the earliest American foundries, how bells are made, the critical roles they played in early American life and continue to play today, and how to find out the history and value of a particular bell—perhaps the bell in one’s own church bell tower. 

Goeppinger’s love for bells has taken him and his wife all over the world to find historical bells and meet other enthusiasts, many times forming lifelong friendships.

Large Bells of America: History of Church Bells, Fire Bells, School Bells, Dinner Bells and Their Foundries is available on and through bookstores everywhere in both paperback and hardcover.

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