“Wow! She’s the one who wrote the book on that!” 

Many of our Suncoast Digital Press, Inc. published authors have leveraged their book (or books) to the nth degree to benefit them as speakers.  Being selected for a high-visibility and/or well-paying speaking engagement can be directly impacted by being “the one who wrote the book.” 

Speakers who are also authors have instant credibility, expert status. With this comes influence—and when you speak, people pay attention

The amount of books my author/speakers sell In the back of the room is staggering. And because there is no Amazon or retailer involved, 100% of book sale income goes directly to them. They love having that in-person opportunity to interact with audience members who come up to get a book and have them sign it. 

Some of my authors were already speakers and even TEDx talk veterans before they wrote their book. They say that having to think through and organize their ideas for their book has now given them an endless inventory of speech topics to carry them to the next level of their speaking career. 

The book cover collage with this article is only a sampling of our authors who are also speakers.

Unless you are already a celebrity, a speaker who is also a published author always commands higher speaking fees and gets more keynote speech opportunities.

Coaches, consultants, business owners, and professionals in private practice benefit from public speaking by attracting new clients and customers. When people are able to leave your presentation with one of your books in hand, they are not only certain that you have clout, they are more likely to remember you, follow up, and become your client. 

To give yourself a huge confidence boost while enhancing your speaking opportunities, talk with me about how to become a published author. 

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