“Leadership is about creating new realities…learn how to use the power of synchronicity to manifest new realities…and unlock wisdom and creativity.”  —Joseph Jaworski

I went to a conference in Arizona, flying there from Atlanta. My friend flew in from another state and we happily connected as planned and headed to our shared hotel room. What was not planned, nor mentioned in any way beforehand, was what we brought to give each other.
We stood with our backs to one another, between our beds, unpacking our suitcases. Then, as if on cue, we turned to each other, each holding out a black, pleated skirt. I brought mine to give her as it was her size; she brought hers to give me because it was my size. We stared, we screamed, we laughed ourselves silly—and, we started paying more attention to “synchronicity.”
One year after the skirt swap, I picked up a wonderful woman’s magazine in Charleston, South Carolina, and an extra copy to send to this same friend. Coincidentally, the day after I mailed it I received a large envelope in the mail from her—enclosed was the same magazine which she had picked up on a visit to Charleston a few weeks before. The name of the magazine is SKIRT—yes, another skirt swap.
You know you have similar stories. My experience is not unique. To understand your experiences more and to see how these occurrences can be very useful, I recommend Synchronicity by Joseph Jaworski and There Are No Accidents by Robert Hopeke. (Don’t you love how reading others’ stories and insights enriches your own experience?)
Here is the book description listed for Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership:
Leadership is about creating new realities. In this new edition, leaders will learn how to use the power of synchronicity to manifest new realities into their organizations and unlock wisdom and creativity.
Take notice of your own extraordinary coincidences—and start writing them down. I do not mean anything about “looking for signs.” I mean, when something happens and your consciousness is struck with a connection made to something else, ask, “What just got confirmed?” Just for fun.
I love hearing about “coincidences” and I hope you’ll share your story with me!

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