Noelle Moore has helped many hundreds of women since she founded the nonprofit organization, The Finley Project. 

I always see it as a miracle and especially inspiring when a brave and loving soul like Noelle finds a way to turn her own personal tragedy into a way to make a significant, positive difference in the world. 

Her first and only child lived just three weeks. Noelle was not in any way prepared for that kind of grief and pain. She did the best she could with the help of a few caring people. Much later, she decided that no grieving mother should feel so overwhelmed. 

“During this period of intense grief, Moore realized that there were very few holistic resources aimed at helping mothers get through the most catastrophic stages of loss, and decided to start an organization of her own, which became The Finley Project.”

People Magazine (May 18, 2021). “After Losing Their Own Babies, These Women Now Help Others Get Through ‘Literally, Your Worst Nightmare’.”

Following is part of Noelle’s story, starting with the moments after her daughter Finley’s last breath. 

“When I walked down the NICU hallway and outside to my waiting car, I did not know what to do or where to go. I needed help, but didn’t know who would walk me through everything. 

My restoration began with the creation of The Finley Project which is a 7-Part Holistic Program for grieving mothers after infant loss. I became an advocate for change – for Celebrating Life, for Surviving and Thriving, for Flourishing, and for Hope Rising. I made a choice to help others. I made a choice to advocate for change in the hospital where Finley was born and an OB Hospitalist program was eventually developed where 26 midwives & OBGYNS were hired. I made a choice to create The Finley Project 7-Part Holistic Program that addresses both the physical and the emotional needs of a mother in mourning.

I have been on the flipside for almost 5 years now. I have been in the world of Restoration, Helping, Supporting and Healing. As the Executive Director and Founder of the Nation’s ONLY 7-Part Holistic Program, I have been in the business of helping “after the fact.” However, I have begun this work so that the “fact” can be lessened, and more lives can be saved. My goal is to educate, empower and consult with consumers and hospitals to Know Moore about OB Hospitalist staffing and the need for OB Hospitalists Programs.

To help fulfill my mission, I wrote the book More than I’m Sorry: how to help any mom after the loss of their child, using a proven step-by-step model (published by Suncoast Digital Press, Inc., released summer of 2022).” 

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