Short written pieces can be wonderful snacks, but a full and savory book is satisfying on a different level.

Sometimes it’s a matter of not having a book handy that is appealing in the moment.  With Star Trek kind of magic, you can go to and search for any book topic in the Kindle store, choose a book and have it open to page one in a warp-speed minute. 

You can see lists of recommended reading to help you choose by looking on Amazon or Goodreads. You can always ask me—I will drop whatever I’m doing to consider and recommend a book I believe you’d enjoy. And, here’s an interesting resource for you—a web site that promises: 

“It doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for, we will help you find the perfect book.”

I like the Story Graph web site because it does try and get to know you before handing out reading advice. Here is how it works, as described on their site:  

“When you tell The Story Graph your reading preferences, we’re able to give you high-quality personal book recommendations.
In the mood for something specific?
With our quick and easy search tool, let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll find the best matches for you, on demand.”

It is easy to sign up and it’s free. The series of questions only take a couple of minutes to go through. Here is one part of the interview:

Going through the preference questions was fun. It brought to mind some of my most enjoyable past reading experiences. 

I believe that if you only read snack-sized material, you are only feeding the ADD part of your brain and your book consumption muscle will atrophy. Choose a book and finish it, whether it takes a few days or a month. Recall a time when you were finishing a book and did not want it to end because you were so engaged. You loved how it made you feel. 

I recently completed the Story Graph quiz and WOW…up popped several recommended books and every one of them looks interesting to me. (Match dot com for readers!) This is my choice today. Can’t wait to start the adventure!! 

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