We all live in “the gap.”  On one side, there is where we’ve been, and on the other side, there’s where we want to go.  As much as we may have an automatic aversion to change, guess what? Change is what must happen in order to get from any here to any there.  But don’t be Nik Wallenda. (He’s the guy who walked alone on a high-wire across the Grand Canyon.) Instead, build your team of people who can serve as expert advisors, safety net holders, and bridge-builders. 

Whether you have your own business, imagine yourself in a different career or life situation, or want to write a book or undertake any important project, make a list of your own 100 “change agents.”  Fill in 100 names—star the ones of people you do not yet know.  Many on your list will be people you just need to refresh your relationship with by reaching out and connecting to bring one another up to date.  Put the names of people you want to meet on your Opportunity Radar Screen. 

Here are your Category Prompts to help you get started filling in 100 names. 

  • Where am I an alumnus? e.g.,  schools and universities, professional associations, companies of previous employment, webinar or course leaders/other participants, conference attendees or speakers
  • Who are my industry influencers that could be significant agents of change for me? 
  • Who is active in nonprofit organizations that I am or have been a member of?
  •  Who do my ideal clients or target readers spend time with? e.g., a blogger, author, retail shop owner, teacher, FB group leader or members , podcasters, any social media stars
  • Who are media professionals who know me or would like to because it could help them? 
  • Who are the officers, board members, or leaders in clubs I belong to or my church? 
  • Who in the world of sports could be a helpful change agent for me?
  • What celebrity or celebrities would make an impact as my change agent? 
  • Who have I mentioned in my book, blog or article that has influence? 
  • What clients of mine, past or present, are leaders and influencers?
  • Who are well-known and respected in the community where I live or work?
  • Who have I been a change agent for, serving as an expert advisor, safety net holder, or bridge-builder?
  • Who has written a book or given a speech that made a profound difference in my life? 

When you give yourself a block of time and consider these questions, you may be surprised how many people you can name. You do not need names for every category, just keep going until you have 100 names and then find and note their contact info. There are future steps to ensure your agents of change will get their own benefit from helping you, but completing this LIST OF 100 should bolster your confidence that you, in fact, are not alone on the high-wire. 

Click here for Barbara Dee’s book-writing blueprint.

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