John McCarthy’s newly released book is already attracting the attention of and praise from a wide audience of readers.   

“John McCarthy helps readers easily tap into their own personal treasure trove of fleeting thoughts that, if nurtured, could lead to brilliant solutions to the big and little problems we regularly encounter in life.”   —Laura E. Marshak Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Psychologist, Author 

In The Innovator Next Door, John helps readers to remember that they don’t have to be a genius to develop innovative and effective solutions to challenges, bottlenecks, and persistent problems.  As a career educator, he presents these concepts in a clear and understandable way through the use of stories as a way to inspire readers’ confidence in their own creative problem-solving. John is not new to communicating helpful teachings. “Since earning my doctoral degree in counseling psychology, I have had the joy of teaching and offering workshops for the past 25 years in the United States and internationally,” he said.

Through stories from throughout the world, The Innovator Next Door helps to equip readers with tools and thought-provoking questions to address problem-opportunities in creative ways.  

To help readers to transform creative questions to results, McCarthy provides 50 real-world examples of problems, dilemmas, and creative solutions. Instead of re-using yesterday’s thoughts tod

The book is a nice addition to John’s inventory of original courses, workshops, speeches, articles and blogs. You can find his blogs and more about his teachings on his website:

ay, you can see how everyday innovators re-imagined difficulties in finding valuable solutions to relatable challenges in life.  

“In a time when we all are being challenged to think differently, this is a perfect breakdown of tackling problems head on. Innovator Next Door gives simple steps and examples of how we ca

n all be extraordinary in our everyday problem-solving.” —Sarah Davidson, Senior Vice President of Sales, ECRM

In addition to continuing to teach college, John plans to do more speaking and trainings based on his new book. 

“When I deliver a keynote, seminar, or extended training, my goal is to deliver an outstanding product where participants laugh, learn, and love the material.

When I deliver a presentation, my hope is that people leave with something—small or large—to enhance their personal or professional lives.

When I deliver a presentation, I do so from an interactive approach.  My belief is that learning runs on a two-way street.

When I deliver a presentation, I see the experience as a treasured adventure in life, and I bring gratefulness for the opportunity to be with everyone in attendance.”

The Innovator Next Door: 50 Stories of Creative Inspiration to Spark New In-the-Box Thinking (Suncoast Digital Press, 2020) is available on Amazon and from all major booksellers, paperback and ebook. 

To connect with John, visit

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