Congratulations to Margaret Giloth on the release of her book, which one family therapist calls “an essential handbook for families and those who care about them.” 

In Who’s Your Daddy: 12 Steps to Rescuing the Next Generation from Father Absence Syndrome, readers will learn proven strategies to shift challenges to opportunities, helplessness to empowerment, and despair to hope.  

There is a whole generation of young people growing up in families too similar to “reality TV” shows who will have their social shortcomings and dysfunctions manifest in 5-10 years. If we are to have a chance of maintaining a decent and caring society, then they (the next generation) must deeply matter to all of us. The quality of their lives is everyone’s business.

Who’s Your Daddy reflects the author’s heart and ongoing passion to empower families. She uses her own life story to illustrate her understanding of issues and solutions.

Margaret Giloth founded the nonprofit organization, Phenomenal People, in Bermuda in 2006 to support the needs of families and individuals, starting with Eagles Wings, a support group to assist adult women to heal from the effects of non-nurturing relationships.

In 2008, recognizing the need to positively impact the next generation, the Dream Girls Club mentorship program was started to serve girls between the ages of nine and eighteen.
Who’s Your Daddy is the culmination of her experiences and provides the practical strategies and steps that are proven to help mothers, fathers, and children to turn around the most difficult situations.

Who’s Your Daddy: 12 Steps to Rescuing the Next Generation from Father Absence Syndrome includes many relatable stories from the lives of women, men, and children. Then the author goes deeper, giving specific action steps, processes a family can utilize, and a full list of helpful additional resources including organizations, web sites, and books.

Her journey of becoming a champion of female empowerment and self-development began in 1987 on the island of Bermuda and expanded to the United States, where she resided for nearly 20 years.  With a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Vanguard University in California and a wealth of community service leadership experience, Margaret returned to her island home in 2005.  In a transition from the U.S. corporate arena to public service in Bermuda, she went on to accomplish 14 years in youth development leadership, training, and development with the Bermuda Government, plus multiple years participating voluntarily in the arduous ongoing task of building a national agenda for youth and families in Bermuda.  

In her multiple roles of president, spokesperson, board chair, and program facilitator, Margaret leads by example to grow the organization’s mission in accordance with community needs. It is easy to see why Who’s Your Daddy? gives new wings not only to Margaret’s purpose, but to Phenomenal People’s expanded mission to positively impact the lives of fathers, mothers, families and individuals.

Who’s Your Daddy is available on in both paperback and kindle versions. 

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