Len Ferraguzzi is not shy about offering to do in-person book signings and has had success with local businesses, including a large Ford dealership which featured him and his book(s) to add excitement to a customer event. 

Now his two books, Valiant the Few (2016) and Eyes of Glass: Lord of the Vag (2017), are on the shelves of a new bookstore in his community as result of him stopping in to introduce himself and his publications. 

The Island Bookshop’s owners, Aimee Odette and Michael Rank, who are both university professors, recognized the need for a bookstore on the island of Venice, Florida. To them, “A bookstore is an extension of home, the anchor of a community.” Their love for books and building community led to their bookshop idea and long-standing dream. 

The bookshop carries new books as well as art, photography, and pottery from local residents. “As a small community-oriented book shop, we provide literary and art experiences for our customers of all ages, children to adults. As residents of Venice Island, we are especially proud to showcase the work of various local writers and artists in the community, our home,” says Odette.

Always look for your local opportunities, whether a book shop, business you frequent, gift shop, or specialty store related to your book topic (such as a health food store for a vegan recipe book).  Often the arrangement is on a consignment basis, but each opportunity is different. For author signings, copies are typically brought and sold by the author, with the host receiving a commission or donation if it’s a nonprofit. 

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