The documentary “Fireburn the Documentary” has won several rounds of applause and awards including the Chicago Indie Film Awards. Produced by Bryan, the film is a powerful profile on the human rights violations that occurred during the bloody Labor Revolt of 1878 on the Island of St. Croix – current day US Virgin Islands.

The documentary follows Bryan’s Amazon #1 Bestseller book “Fireburn the Screenplay” published in 2018 [Suncoast Digital Press, Inc.] and it will air on PBS in 2022. It makes its global debut at various film festivals this year and was just awarded Best Documentary Short at the Chicago Indie Film Awards.  

To produce the screenplay, the award-winning author and actress Angela Golden Bryan, who grew up on the island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, brought together a team of acclaimed experts in the film industry. The screenplay was directed by the award-winning director and cinematographer Joel Fendelman, who has written, produced and directed many narrative and documentary films, such as “Man on Fire” (which received an IDA Award). Actor, Marjorie Tingle, a Meisner trained actress and producer of numerous independent films, and producer, Steven James Tingus, one of the nation’s leading experts, advocates, and thought leaders for disability, aging, and health, and human services policy, and programs rounds out the team.

Also featured in:

Also featured in:

“Fireburn The Documentary,” a Fireburn Foundation film produced by Crucian Angela Golden Bryan, has been selected to be screened at a number of major film festivals and is scheduled to air on PBS in 2022.

Bryan and her team have been selected for Best Short Documentary by a Black Filmmaker and Best Short Documentary in the International Film Category at the International & Black Diversity Film Festival, a Toronto-based independent film festival established to give a platform to Black filmmakers while celebrating cultural diversity.

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