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Do You Need a Little More Help Staying Focused On Writing Your Book In Record Time? This Program Will Help...

Congratulations on investing in the Non-Fiction Starter Program.

It is designed to get you started off on the right foot in your book writing journey and help you avoid the frustration, pitfalls, and expensive mistakes that most first-time writers experience.

I have found (after helping hundreds of best-selling authors) that getting started on writing your book is easy – finishing is another thing.

“Before I enrolled in Barbara’s Master Class, I was spinning my wheels trying to write a book. I home-school 3 kids, and when I could snatch some time to work on my book, it needed to count. But I wasn’t getting ANYwhere. I felt so disappointed and frustrated with myself. Once I got into this class, from the first workbook lesson I knew I was going to actually write and finish my book. It felt like I had the whole cheat sheet, my personal guide to building an “A+” book. I was writing my chapters so fast and they were GOOD. Using this system completely shifted how I felt about my chances of getting published. Without this course, I never would have finished my book which I am happy to say is now selling on Amazon!”

Kate DeSantis
Author of “Complete”

Introducing the Fast, Easy Build-a-Book Master Class


The Fast, Easy Build-a-Book Master Class is designed to give you everything you need to stay focused and write your first book in record time even if you have no clue where to start, what you want to write, or how to structure your book.

Here's a Little Client Love


Speaker and owner of Empowering Small Business Author of 4 books



Small Business Owner Author of How to Road Trip America: A Modern Guide for Epic American Adventures



Mompreneur Author of Complete: How Faith and Fun Can Make Your Marriage and Business Complete


What’s Included in the Fast, Easy Build-a-Book Master Class? You’ll receive THREE ADDITIONAL MODULES that include…

MODULE 1: The Successful Author’s Mindset
A growth mindset transforms writing into a journey of discovery. This Module coaches you to build and maintain the rock-solid mindset you’ll need to see your project all the way through.

  • Gird Your Intentions with a Strong Mindset
  • Leverage your inventory of related content
  • Gain and Keep Clarity (Velocity is a Function of Clarity!)
  • Make the Kind of Commitment That Empowers You
  • Affirmations, Time-Blocking, and Other Helpful Tools
  • Your Environment Can Make All the Difference
  • Create a Working Title to Help You Stay on Track
  • What Can Similar Books on Amazon Tell You?

BONUS: Coaching Handout: “Mindset, Monsters, and Jesse James”
BONUS: How to Create a Captivating Title for Your Book

MODULE 2: Non-Fiction Outline = Blueprint for Success

This is the Module that holds the Golden Key. Once you unlock the secret to creating your outline, you’ll skate through the next steps on your journey to writing your book.

  • Hazards to Avoid by Using an Outline
  • What is Unique About a “Non-fiction Book” Outline?
  • Choosing a Favorite Way to Start Your Outline
  • Mind-Mapping and Visual Tools
  • The Reader Q & A Method
  • Reverse-engineering Other Books’ Table of Contents
  • Irresistible Chapter Headings and Subheadings
  • Non-fiction Outline Worksheet-TEMPLATE INCLUDED!

BONUS: Case Studies: Tables of Contents (Best-selling Authors)

MODULE 3: Write Your Book

Know the simple but critical elements you must use to make your writing come alive, engage your reader, and persuade them to take your message to heart.

  • Know that Your Foundation is Firm, Set for Building
  • The Difference Between Writing and Editing
  • Readability-How to Check It
  • Speak Your Book Into Existence, If You Prefer
  • How to Never Be Boring
  • Five Easy Approaches to Start Your Manuscript
  • Enhance, Trim, and Finish: 10 Brilliant Ways to Buff Up Each Chapter
  • Adding Other Sections: Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgments, About the Author, etc.
  • Checking for the “Wow” Factor and Completing Your Manuscript

BONUS: Secrets to Self-Editing
BONUS: How to Obtain and Use Quotes from Others
BONUS: Inspire with Words
BONUS: How to Obtain an Extraordinary Foreword
BONUS: CHECKLIST Before and During Your Book Launch
Personal one-on-one coaching – (3) 45-minute live coaching sessions. Scheduled as needed by you, to be utilized any time you want on any topic from the Master Class. Get the help you need – when you need it – for (up to) six months after your initial purchase.

The Benefits of Publishing a Book

There are many benefits that my students benefit from once they’ve completed the 30-day challenge. Here’s just a few you can expect:

  • Increase your consulting fees, charge up to 3X per hour.
  • Get asked to be a highly paid keynote speaker.
  • Attract higher-paying clients who want to work with a true expert.
  • Gain instant credibility instead of waiting years to be noticed.
  • Be recognized by the media as the go-to person on your topic.
  • Leverage your book to make 10X more money with your knowledge.
“Never have I felt this kind of respect and status. I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback I got as soon as I introduced my book to the world. It’s true what Barbara says about “instant credibility.” I was asked to be a guest on a national podcast that goes out to over 30,000 people.”

Jackie Kellner
Author and Runner

A Summary Of Everything That’s Included

  • 3 Complete Training Modules that includes…
  • 9 Videos
  • 8 Bonus Tools and Resources
  • A comprehensive step-by-step blueprint for writing a professional book, including the exact unique process used by a national publishing company to take hundreds of people all the way to becoming published authors.
  • AND personal one-on-one coaching that includes (3) 45-minute live coaching sessions. Scheduled as needed by you, to be utilized any time you want on any topic from the Master Class. Get the help you need – when you need it – for (up to) six months after your initial purchase.

That’s a total of $5,988 in value…

Yours for just, $495!


Does This Offer Come With A 100% Guarantee?

YES! Money-Back, No-Risk Guarantee.

Let’s be partners in this. I am asking you to finally make a commitment to yourself. If you put yourself on the FAST TRACK to becoming a published author with this Easy Build-a-Book Master Class guiding you through every step, and then you find yourself staring at a blank page with nothing to say, no creative ideas, no experiences to share with others…email me, and I will personally refund your full tuition.

Don’t wait! You could start on your book PLUS save a boatload of time and money by getting access to a PROVEN SYSTEM FOR WRITING YOUR FIRST BOOK!

If you are thinking, “I can figure this out on my own eventually.” You should know the trial-and-error method works for some things, but not for writing a book that you’d want to put your name on. More than anything you’ve tried, having your book will boost your personal brand and status as an expert on your topic beyond your wildest dreams.

Using a proven system means your book will not only deliver your message, but it will also build brand awareness, and establish trust and authority in your industry!

The last thing you want to do is spend months (or years) struggling to finish a book and then have it hit the market with a belly flop.

Learn to write NOW using this complete, proven blueprint.

Get Started Writing Your First Book Today!
Everything you need to get started is just $495.

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