When first-time author Darlien Simos published her book of five children’s stories, she already knew she would enjoy sharing it at craft fairs and reading to local elementary school children. Scooter and Smack were an instant hit! So why not expand the dog and squirrel duo’s opportunities to delight and teach valuable lessons to young ones? Simos created a coloring/activity book to go along with her book. Then she set up a simple, attractive web site https://www.scooterandsmack.com/ and discovered that she could quite easily set up a “shop” to offer Scooter and Smack items: T-shirts, tote bags, mouse pads, notebooks, ball caps, and more! 

Children all over the world are buying the merchandise. A parent sent her a photo of a little girl in Germany reading The Adventures of Scooter and Smack and another said that their child loves wearing a T-shirt with characters they feel like they know.   

Illustrated by Zoe Radford

Published by Suncoast Digital Press, Inc. (2021) 

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