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You have made the decision to write a book – congratulations! Becoming an author can change your life – not to mention give you the ability to impact thousands (or millions) of people.

But writing a (good!)book isn’t easy. As a bestselling author who has helped hundreds of clients publish their books, I can tell you that it’s far easier to quit than to finish.

Having a proven blueprint plus help from a best-selling author and publisher with a track record of success can transform your dreams of writing a book into actually HAVING a book selling on Amazon.

Your voice deserves to be heard!

Hi, I’m Barbara Dee.

I am the President of Suncoast Digital Press, Inc. and founder of Archer Inspired Learning.

I have been an entrepreneur for many years and know firsthand how your life and business can be impacted by writing your first book.

Becoming a published author is the fastest, most effective way to gain instant credibility, build your personal brand, and expand your influence in your industry.

My focus is to empower you with the knowledge, process, and blueprint you’ll need to stay focused and on track as you write your first book.

Introducing the Non-Fiction Starter Program with Barbara Dee


The NON-FICTION STARTER PROGRAM evolved from our findings: If you start off on the right foot, your book-writing journey is bound for success rather than frustration, pitfalls, and expensive mistakes.

Even if you’ve never written an article, speech, blog, or book before, when you follow the steps and do the exercises for you in this complete video and workbook training, you can be confident that your book project is on track for success.


Here’s What’s Included In The Program:

Six Video Trainings (3 videos per Module) and each Module comes with a complete Workbook, Plus Bonus Tools.

MODULE 1: Writing with Your Reader in Mind

Wherever you are now is the perfect place to start. In Module One, you will be guided to take the easy first steps that will start you off on the right foot and give you a huge boost of confidence as you draft your nonfiction book.

  • Introduction and Call to Be Bold
  • Author Self-Assessment: Where is My Starting Point?
  • Brand-building vs. Legacy Book
  • To Whom Are You Speaking?
  • Picture Clearly Your Ideal Reader (and how they’ll help you to write your book!)

BONUS: Author Self-Assessment Tool BONUS: Your Ideal Target Reader—Here’s How to Read Their Mind

MODULE 2: Pinpointing Your Best Book Topic

Today, your book idea may be crystal clear, somewhat vague, or only a diamond in the rough. In Module Two, you will test your ideas against three proven criteria to be sure you have a topic that hits the bull’s eye.

  • Why You Need a Bull’s Eye Topic
  • Three Steps to Clarifying Your BEST Topic for THIS Book
  • Prompts to Use to Test Your Topic Idea
  • What Roles do Knowledge, Enthusiasm, and Concerns Play?
  • Topic Strength Test: How to Identify and Strengthen Any Weak Area
BONUS: What’s Hot in Nonfiction? Best-sellers, Trends, and Tie-ins for Your Topic
BONUS: Printable Venn Diagram Templates
“I fooled around trying to write a book to help my speaking career for two years – more like three. Then I found Barbara Dee. I wrote and published my first book, Freedom to Success, and this allowed me to charge higher speaking fees and also get many more small business coaching clients. About a year later, by using her proven system again, I wrote my second book. Then a third! My speaker resume is looking really good. I speak all over the country and currently have FOUR books for sale in the back of the room at events. I am very excited about starting my next book.”

David Kauffman
Speaker, Author, Business Owner

It's Your Time To Get Your Message Published to The World!

Skip the learning curve – avoid the frustration, pitfalls, and expensive mistakes that most first-time authors make.


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