New Illustrated Children’s Book Challenges and Builds Imagination

(November, 2022) Suncoast Digital Press, Inc. publishing house announces the release of Hoo Knew?! Adventures in Rhyming for Children and Those Young at Heart.

Bob Baumert, a retired engineer, is the author of this children’s picture book that connects children with language in a way that stimulates creativity, imagination, and word play.

Called “Hoo Knew?!,” the book is inspired by the author’s own creative thinking skills and desire to spur the imagination of his grandchildren and, as the subtitle says, “…for children and those young at heart.”

“I want my stories to be challenging in a fun way,” said Baumert. “Neuroscience tells us that childhood is the time to encourage imagination, creativity, and a love of language…my stories are engineered for this, while ensuring plenty of laughs along the way.”

The story is full of funny rhymes. Hoo Knew?! is the first book in the “Who, What, When, Where, Why, How” series that Baumert is developing, each with a different playful twist to give children a positive experience with reading, writing, and listening.

As is trending in the most popular children’s books today, the illustrations are detailed, unique, and well-thought-out interpretations of each scene. In Hoo Knew?! Mark Bockrath, an artist and conservator of paintings, leaves no doubt to the meaning of the rhyming story with bold color, humor, and a flair that captures both child and any adult reading aloud.

Award-winning author, Teresa Bueno, shares, “The art has to be outstanding in a picture book, and Bockrath does not disappoint. Both the visuals and the rhymes make this a most unique children’s book…there’s really nothing like it.”

Available at all major online booksellers, paperback and hardcover, and Amazon Kindle.

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