PRESS RELEASE: Announcing the publication of Back Smart: Free Yourself from Back and Neck Pain, Enjoy a Higher Quality of Life without Narcotics or Surgery, a book which provides readers with the necessary facts, realizations, and motivation to solve pain problems using a conservative approach, as explained by author Daniel Kassicieh, D.O., FAAN.      

Back Smart is based on the premise that while back or neck pain should not be ignored, many patients do not receive complete nor correct information about their treatment options.  In fact, many are prescribed strong, addictive narcotics or advised to endure unnecessary and even life-threatening surgeries.  

Kassicieh offers case studies from his own thirty-year medical practice and his book reflects his skill at explaining physiology, diagnostics such as MRI, and pain solutions in easy-to-understand language and patient-centered conversations. 

“So many people suffering from back or neck pain are told that surgery is their only option. But you DO have a choice. Just as in my medical practice, I want to ensure that you are enlightened and empowered to make smart decisions…that is why I wrote Back Smart,” Kassicieh said.  

Back Smart has already earned the endorsement of other doctors. “Dr. Kassicieh will touch an uncomfortable cord with some physicians, but as a surgeon myself, I approach the treatment spectrum from least to most invasive,” writes Joseph P. Pecoraro, MD FACS, Co-founder, Hearts Afire, Inc. “By writing this book, Dr. Kassicieh has done the right thing by offering a great service to back pain sufferers everywhere.” 

True stories of patients who often suffered needlessly because of being steered in the wrong direction make the case for learning the critical keys to back health that are not widely known. Full-color, carefully labeled illustrations help readers see every key point throughout the book. 

Kassicieh, a physician in Sarasota, Florida, is a dual board-certified osteopathic neurologist. Each year, he travels to impoverished countries to do medical mission work through the organization Hearts Afire.   

Back Smart: Free Yourself from Back and Neck Pain, Enjoy a Higher Quality of Life without Narcotics or Surgery is available on, through Barnes & Noble and all major booksellers. 

$34.95 US (hardcover)   $9.98 (kindle/eBook)

ISBN: 978-1-939237-11-8

Published by Suncoast Digital Press, Inc.

Sarasota, Florida, USA

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